Orlando Fashion Battle Winner Trinity Acevedo !!

Trinity Acevedo

Orlando Fashion Battle Winner Best Model

By: Christian Mosi

Trinity Acevedo is an 18-year old model from New York but resides in Ocala, Florida. Trinity’s looks are undeniably stunning but her talent is one of a kind. I had the pleasure of meeting Trinity prior to the Orlando Fashion Battle. I first noticed from Trinity that her confidence is very strong and will stay in a room even after she leaves. Trinity and I had the pleasure to sit down for an interview. The Orlando Fashion District’s mission is to lead in the development of Orlando as a Fashion Destination and build a Garment District to unite and support and educate the creative fashion and costume artisans in Orlando.  

5 designers,  5 models, 5 hairstylists, 5 photographers, and 5 makeup artist compete for the overall best in the show. Out of these many contestants, Trinity walked away with the best female model.  Let us take a behind the scenes interview with the winner Trinity!

“ Confidence is Key”

- Trinity Acevedo

Mosi: Hi what is your name ?

Trinity: Hi Trinity Acevedo.

Mosi: Tell me about yourself ?

Trinity: I live in Ocala , FL and i’m also an volleyball enthusiast , I’m currently involved in women's A division. I’m currently pursuing a modeling career full time  and between time I want to travel. In the future I would love to possibly learn more about marketing and social media marketing.

Mosi:  When did you know that you wanted to be a model ?

Trinity:  Growing up I would always get compliments on my looks and people would tell myself and my mom that I should get into modeling.  While competing at the competitions held through Barbizon I came to the realization that I’m good at this. I was able to identify my passion through experience.

Mosi:  What are some of your goals now that you want to pursue modeling?

Trinity:  I want to move to New York and audition for the Victoria Secret Fashion Show.  “ I will audition and I will be chosen for this show “ !!!

Mosi: How do you prepare for your big runway moments?

Trinity: I practice the night before rehearsing lines if I have a commercial or if I’m walking for the runway I practice my walks in a mirror.

Mosi: What are your most favorite memories as a model ?

Trinity: I participated in a competition called Passport to Discovery. 150 world wide modeling agencies were there to scout new talent.  I won every category in my division !

Mosi: What advice would you give to aspiring models ?

Trinity: Confidence is key ! You have to have confidence so industry professionals and designers alike can see you stand out .  You have to stand out by making sure your confidence never leaves the room.

Pictured here is Trinity at the Orlando Fashion Battle

I wish Trinity all the best in her future endeavors, It’s refreshing to see a young women with this much confidence. We can all learn a little from Trinity values  !

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