Saris Marie Interview

Lights, Camera , Action! The spotlight is on and Saris Marie is the star of the fashion show. Saris Marie is a 17-year-old model from Orlando Florida. Saris has down syndrome and is one of the many rising stars who is making an impact on the fashion world. I had the opportunity to meet her and her wonderful mother Wanda Cruz at the Orlando Fashion District for an interview. Saris is more than a supermodel in the making but she is a fun loving girl with hopes and dreams to continue to break down barriers in the fashion industry.

The Fashion Industry has been known for its discrimination against models with disabilities or physical formalities. Models such as Winnie Harlow who have faced discrimination due to not being seen as the "Standard of Fashion". The standards of beauty and fashion are changing and this is the time to witness this remarkable changes. Fashion designers such as Chromat have hired models with disabilities and they continue to grace the runway year after year. Fashion Inclusivity needs to start with us the customers, we must express to our favorite brands that we want models that represent every walk of life.

I had the pleasure chatting with Saris to get to know her and her future goals and dreams. Saris has a smile that will light a room and her warm and beautiful personality will continue to make impressions on all who cross her path. Without further delay, below is a transcript of our interview!


Mosi: Hi What is your name?

Saris: Hi my name is Saris Marie.

Mosi: What are some of your favorite things?

Saris: Fashion, Make up, Doing her hair and my cat.

Mosi: What is your favorite color?

Saris: Pink.

Mosi: What are some of your hobbies?

Saris: Cheerleading, Surfing, Gymnastics, Equestrian, and participating in the Special Olympics.

Mosi: Who is your role model?

Saris: Marian Avila

( Marian Avlia is a 21- year old model with Down Syndrome and recently walked at NYFW. She has a growing following on Instagram.)

Mosi: What is your favorite memory as a model?

Saris: Walking in NYFW representing Jaylani's Boutique, Orlando International Fashion Week, Participating in San Juan Moda. (San Juan Moda 2018 was dedicated to Dalila a model from Puerto Rico.  Saris was invited by the designer of Urica Raquel to join the special event dedicated to promote Down Syndrome awareness. )

Mosi: What is some advice that you would like to give to models?

Saris: " Do not be afraid", " To have fun", "Do your best"

Saris is passionate about changing the standards of fashion, She is dedicated to changing the standards of beauty one show at a time. I wish Saris and Wanda the best of luck on Saris's journey. It's so refreshing and beautiful to see the support system developed for Saris. I strongly believe Saris will reach her goals and will influence models around the world to " Do not be afraid and to have fun"! Saris will be walking for Jaylani’s Boutique and Urica next week at NYFW !

Instagram: @Saris.Marie.Model