NYFW: Look 1 OOTD + Outfit Malfunction + Meeting Celebrities !!

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Standing in the Lobby of NYFW

Standing in the Lobby of NYFW

It’s February 12th, and I left my hometown of Orlando, FL, at three in the morning to get to the airport. I’m on my way to New York City to attend my first show of the evening Chocheng at 8 PM. I love traveling because it allows me to meet new people and overlook the city while taking off. Usually, for fashion week, I like to take time and plan out my outfits so I can be organized and enjoy everything that will come. What I wasn’t prepared for was freezing to death, snow, and a fashion emergency!

Myself on the E train heading to the Canal St. stop.

Myself on the E train heading to the Canal St. stop.

Outfit Malfunction + Dressing Warm !

The day of the Chocheng show I planned to wear a lovely piece from a brand called Acid Cupcakes. What I didn’t know was that NYC was on the verge of having a snowstorm named Maria and I was going to be singing Ice Ice Baby. Once landing in JFK, I got my hair silk pressed by a salon near where I was staying at the time ( Sutphin and 108th Jamaica Queens). I decided that for the sake of the day, I would wear a knitted hat to keep my head and ears warm. I also decided to wear my favorite comfortable sneakers, waterproof coat, my lucky Gucci Socks, and warm turtleneck. I chose to wear items that would keep me warm because I had a long commute from Queens to Manhattan. I took the E train from Jamaica Station, so my commute was about 45minutes.

Chocheng Show + Meeting Celebrities !

Myself and Miss J ( America’s Next Top Model Judge)

Myself and Miss J ( America’s Next Top Model Judge)

Once coming off the train, I rushed into Spring Studios, I met some lovely people in the line Cici, Khalil, and Nastrah. It's so important to smile and network while you're waiting in line at a fashion show. I came alone and was pretty intimidated that everyone around me had great style and here I'm a freezing Floridian. After the show was over Khalil and I decided to people watch and hang around to see the celebrities were attending The Blonds Show. I was star struck to meet Jillian Mercardo, Miss J, and saw Karrueche Tran and her partner Victor Cruz. One thing I've learned about going to shows and crossing paths with celebrities is to be respectful, and please give them space. Do not force a situation, trust your gut if you feel that it is an excellent time to say hello then go for it! I was so happy. I decided to go to the show! The weather was so horrible I almost stayed home, but I told my self I worked so hard to be here and nothing cannot stop me! I was so happy I decided to go and leave doubt at the train station.


This show was a great show, but the commuting before and after was hard with the horrible weather! After leaving the show and going on the train, I had a little while to think wow I just love fashion! Here I’m walking in the freezing snow in the middle of Manhattan back to my place of stay! Sometimes we get into situations, and we see how strong or how much we love something ! I wouldn’t trade my experience for the world, and I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity!

( Pictured are Nastrah and Kwalil)


NYFW : Day 1

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