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@Kiara.stylist and I in the Lobby of Spring Studios 50 Varick St

@Kiara.stylist and I in the Lobby of Spring Studios 50 Varick St

By: Christian Mosi

Ever since I was a young fashionista, I have always dreamed about going to New York Fashion Week. NYFW is were Fashion professionals alike attend fashion shows to learn about the latest trends and styles. You may be asking your self what should I wear to such an exciting event? Below I will be breaking down the details about my outfit to help you save $$$ while looking fabulous for your next fashion event.

Show 1 : Leaf Xia 9AM

My first show of the day was Leaf Xia ! the aesthetic of the brand is very playful, fun, mixed patterns, and bright neon hues. Personally, when attending Fashion Shows, I like to play with the aesthetic of the brand of the show that I’m visiting. I plan all my outfits months and weeks at a time before fashion week. I decided to do a bright cobalt blue look to stand out against the crowd. Dress your absolute best for fashion week it doesn’t have to be designer or expensive you want to express your personality!

Show 2 : Calvin Luo 11AM

I stayed the lobby after the Leaf Xia show and mingled and drank some lovely expresso was offered in the lobby. The aesthetic of this brand is bold, minimal, and different references to subcultures. I did not want to leave the venue to change because I wanted to save time and network before the next show. Sometimes people have a friend or have someone outside where they hold clothing for them to change.

Outfit Details

I choose this outfit to be my best outfit for NYFW for the following reasons

Dee ( Founder of Christian Mosi ) sitting First Row at Leaf Xia !

Dee ( Founder of Christian Mosi ) sitting First Row at Leaf Xia !

  • I wanted to express my personality !

  • It is okay to be chic while on a budget !

  • I purposely didn’t wear any large designers or brands to reflect that you too can find affordable clothing !

  • I wanted to have fun it’s a fashion show not a contest !

  • (Spoiler alert ) can we take a moment and look at this amazing silk press on my natural hair LOL !!!!!

Outfit Link

“There is no rules at NYFW ! Dress loud and PROUD” !

- Christian Mosi