Tadashi Shoji SS19 Review

Tadashi Shoji Shines Brightly This Season!

September 21, 2018

By Christian Mosi

Crescent-shaped moons, stars infused with magic and radiance was seen embroidered on Tadashi Shoji's Spring Summer Collection this New York Fashion Week (NYFW). Shoji was not afraid to take his audience into outer space with his futuristic approach on his new collection. Cocktail style gowns and red carpet picks that were filled with sequins and glitters were spotted.  This style, in particular, will be trendy for the upcoming spring season due to its vibrant colors. Layered necklaces were the center of the show; these pieces were very versatile and took you out of this galaxy. The Sun, Moon, and Stars were significant pieces in the symbolism of Shoji's renewed aesthetic. The cosmos were aligned for this designer by how the harmony of the jewelry and gowns came together.

Shoji silhouettes mastered the idea of adding textures and multiple hues to gowns to capture and tell a story of the Earth and Galaxy. Spectators -enjoyed how the collection was cohesive and had many options to choose . The best piece of the season was a cape gown dress that had hues of purple and a touch of pink. This particular dress reminded me of a sunset with its transaction of colors. Shoji will continue to be an exclusive designer whose style will continue to be top picks for the red carpet. The collection whole heartily welcomes the mystery of what the future has in store. Shoji proved to New York that his pieces will always continue to shine brightly for seasons to come.

Pictures Credit Fashionista.com