By: Christisn Mosi 


Picture Credit: Feroza @THEBROWNBLONDE

Picture Credit: Feroza @THEBROWNBLONDE

Feroza @thebrownblonde created a trendy jewelry collection! Inspired by her East Indian and East African heritage, she created this beautiful collection. The assortment holds items such as floral stud earrings, personalized nameplates, floral chocker set, and Kundan jewelry necklaces. 

These lightweight floral earrings are handmade by embellishing petals with colored paper mache. The earrings are outstanding, and the circle shape makes it a statement piece. The geometric matching necklace is perfect for all outfits this summer. Suitable for different fashionable occasions such as dinners, festivals, weddings, birthdays! Giving you that sparkle everywhere you go. 

You may purchase your set HERE — the matching earrings set love and beauty in one. 


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