Fashion Networking event at Alice + Olivia


Fashion Networking

At Alice + Olivia in SOHO


On April 3rd I took The E train and headed down to the Alice + Oliva Store in SOHO! It was a networking event that was held by the beautiful Claire Sulmers. I was very nervous about attending this event because I haven't participated in a networking event in a while! Upon arrival, I was greeted by the lovely staff, Nars also was offering touch up make up to customers, and I made sure to take advantage of this! ( Nars is one of my favorites to make up brands) . After about 20 minutes at the boutique store, I walked over to Beyonce's Stylist Ty Hunter

Meeting Ty was a dream come true! His gentle and kind approach so humbled me. He truly inspired me and shared some words of encouragement for me that will be very dear to my heart. His style is effortless, and he truly is a style Icon. I also met Anglea Yee, who is also very sweet! I expressed to her that I always tune in to the Breakfast Club daily. I wanted to tell her I would love to nominate a few exes as the donkey of the day hehe.

I learned so much from this event that I want to share with you today! First, always dress to impress ! this doesn't mean wearing all name brands but still feel confident in your skin and clothes and lastly always smile. Sometimes we forget to take the small things for granted, but things can always be worst! Get out and network and meet liked minded people like your self!